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Towing Services Los Angeles is the premier 24-hour towing and roadside assistance company in the Southland. Using our large fleet of tow trucks, we can satisfy your towing needs. Above all, our towing team has the experience, training, and knowledge to provide a smooth towing experience.

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Flatbed Tow Truck | Tow Truck Service

Our Towing Fleet:

Flatbed Tow Trucks

The flatbed tow truck has a bed-like platform fitted on the back of the tow truck. From the appearance, it just looks like a bed, and hence the name flatbed tow truck. It is also called the rollback, because of the ability to slid the bed platform to the ground, using a hydraulic system. Thus, it makes driving the vehicle up onto the platform possible. Most flatbed tow trucks come with a winch system, so when vehicles cannot be driven up, they can be pulled onto the platform. When it is in place, towing straps or chains is used to tie it down. The towing straps can firmly secure the towed vehicle onto the platform.

Flatbed towing has many advantages. It can be used to tow all-wheel-drive or 4-wheel-drive. As the wheels of the towed vehicle do not touch the ground surface, the transmission will not be affected. Also, with the whole vehicle up on the platform, it is less susceptible to wear and tear.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

These tow trucks have large metal yokes that can be fitted under the front or rear wheels of the towed vehicle. Then, with the metal yoke in place, the wheels are lifted with a hydraulic hoist. The tow truck will tow the vehicle with it lifted up slightly, and the remaining two wheels on the ground. Wheel lift towing is suitable for towing over short distances, also it is a preferred choice in towing low clearance parking garages because of its mobility.

What Vehicles Can We Tow?

Light Duty Towing

Light duty vehicle has gross vehicle weight ratings of less than 8,500 lbs. In our light duty towing service, we also include motorcycle towing.

  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • Motorcycles

Medium Duty Towing

Medium duty vehicle has gross vehicle weight ratings of between 8,500 to 10,000 lbs.

  • RVs
  • Motorhomes
  • Vans

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy duty vehicle has gross vehicle weight ratings of 10,000 lbs and above.

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Big rigs
  • Semi-trucks
  • Trailers

Why Choose Our Tow Truck Service

We provide affordable, fast, and efficient towing for your motorcycle, RV, car, truck, and other vehicles. In addition, we have various types of tow trucks ready for service. Vehicle breakdowns do not always happen at the most convenient times, so we provide 24-hour towing services, 7 days a week. Our friendly call dispatch is ready to help you cope with any towing and roadside issues. Feel free to call us anytime!

Wheel Lift Tow Truck | Tow Truck Services

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