What You Need to Know Before Calling Towing Services

What is a Towing Service?

Towing is to use one vehicle to move another vehicle that is usually disabled. The towing service provider will send a tow truck to the location where the vehicle needs to be towed, and move the vehicle to another location. Towing is done to move damaged vehicles to repair shops, it is also done to remove illegally parked cars or junk cars.

Towing seems a simple service, however, it requires tow trucks and specific industry knowledge to safely move the vehicles. So when should you call for such a service?


Accidents are inevitable on the roads. They can happen anytime, anywhere. There are minor accidents where the vehicle has collisions that do not affect the engine of the vehicle. In this scenario, drivers will simply drive to a car repair shop to have the damages fixed. Other times when the collisions are severe, you will need towing service to move the cars and clear the ways for other vehicles on the roads.

The Car Won’t Start

It is frustrating to see your car simply will not start after you have done everything you know. Sometimes it could be a low battery, other times it could be mechanical issues that need to be attended. Call for towing service when the problem persists.

Out Of Gasoline

This situation occurs either due to forgetfulness, a faulty fuel gauge, or a leaking fuel tank. If it is because one forgets to refuel it, the driver may tend to find a nearby gas station and get fuel. However, leaving your vehicle for the gas station can be a risky idea, especially you are on a busy highway or remote areas. Rather than risking the safety of you and the car, it is wiser to call for a tow truck.


Engine overheating can happen even if you do keep regular maintenance. If you are uncertain of the problem with your car, it is best to get to a mechanic immediately. They can diagnose the car problem accordingly. When you cannot find a mechanic in the nearby vicinity, then it is time to call a car towing company.

Locked Outside the Car

Drivers can be forgetful and do lose their keys. Though you can call for a locksmith to try to unlock your car door, some times sophisticated ones are not easy to unlock without damage. So some will choose to move the cars to dealerships and get the keys to solving the problem.

What To Do Before Calling

Before calling the towing company, here are some points to note.

Inform Your Situation

Before contacting the towing service, gather as much information about the situation and let the service provider know. Information including the type of car, condition of the vehicle, location and etc., can let the towing company decide the best equipment and tow trucks for the situation. Of course, you should let them know where you are going to transport your vehicle. Whether your home or a repair shop, they can move the vehicle directly to the location.

What is the Towing Estimate

Tow truck pricing varies depending on the company. Certain companies have flat rates while others charge by the miles. Before you contract for tow trucks services, find out about the fees, and the accepted payment methods; whether they receive only in cash, or are credit cards are acceptable to them.

The Tow Trucks Dispatched

Depend on the towing company and the situation, they will dispatch different tow trucks to the scene. There are usually 3 types of tow trucks flatbed, wheel lift or integrated tow trucks. Using the incorrect towing method or tow truck may lead to damage to the vehicle.

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